Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top Network Marketing Companies - Successful Network Marketing

The term "network marketing" always stirs up strong passions and emotions when it comes up in conversations. People either seem to love the thought of it or they hate it. So, how can something that is meant to be good also create such hostile feelings among people? Why can something that's meant to give you the life you've always dreamed of, also divide families and cause broken relationships? How can the top network marketing companies be respected by so many people, yet also disliked by others? What's caused such a dividing line?

For many years eager entrepreneurs have delighted in the opportunities that the network marketing industry brings. When you think of the term "network marketing", what comes to your mind? Do you think of financial freedom, achieving your dreams, getting out of debt, and firing your boss? Or do you think of terms like pyramid scheme, scam, and bothering your friends and family?

Network Marketers

No matter what comes to your mind and what you believe, no one can deny that top network marketing companies such as Amway, MonaVie, Mary Kay, Avon, Prepaid Legal, Herbalife and NuSkin have set the standard in the network marketing industry. They have created a solid reputation in the industry and are highly respected companies.

So why do some people have such strong feelings against these companies? The truth is, any company that's ever becomes successful always ends up with a target on their backs. Just think about it, how many companies do you think are full of integrity, are great, solid, and reputable? How many companies do you think are perfect? The truth is no company is perfect. Companies are run by people, and people aren't perfect. When companies become successful, people have the tendency to try and pick them apart.

Some of the top network marketing companies have gained a bad reputation over the years because they still teach their distributors to use the traditional network marketing business model to build a business. They encourage their distributors to "make a list", "contact friends & family", and "show them the plan." They still hold weekly business meetings and monthly seminars. They also encourage their members to buy business tools, motivational CD's, and commit to monthly auto-shipping. Building a business using the traditional network marketing model is not bad. It still works, and works very well for some people.

The problem with using the traditional network marketing model to build a business is that it's become out-dated. Since the arrival of the Internet and the tremendous amount of opportunities it brings, people are more drawn to this kind of business model. Some of the highest searched terms on the Internet are "work from home", "internet business", "online business", and "internet marketing."

People today want to build a business online, from the comfort of their own home. They don't want to bother friends and family, and they don't want to go out 5 nights a week to show the plan. Instead of spending 2-3 hrs, 5 times a week, away from their family, they can invest that same 2-3 hrs into an online business. People want convenience.

It's still important to incorporate traditional network marketing principles when building an online business. It's important to contact and build a relationship with your prospects, even if you build a business online. Going to motivational seminars, having a positive mindset, and listening to motivational CD's are also still important. You will also still need to invest money into your business and yourself if you want to have success.

If some of these top network marketing companies want to survive, they need to get with the 21st century. They need to teach their distributors how to incorporate internet marketing strategies into their businesses. Leaders in these companies need to teach their distributors how to effectively use social marketing on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace to generate leads and prospects for their business.

They need to teach their members the benefits of internet marketing and how to use it effectively. If they don't, they're going to lose their distributors to major online business companies.

Let's face it, the Internet is here and it's here to stay. If these companies want to survive, they need to embrace the internet and use the advantages it brings to grow their business. These companies need to use their solid reputation, strong principles, and business ethics, and start bringing their business models online if they want to survive.

The old ways of building a network marketing business are done. The internet is the new way business is being done, whether people like it or not. If these companies combine their traditional network marketing models with the power of the internet, they will continue to be the power houses they've been for many more years to come.

Top Network Marketing Companies - Successful Network Marketing

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