Monday, October 3, 2011

The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

Does it really matter which companies are the top 10 network marketing companies? Somewhat, you want a company that has great education, a great product, and a great pay plan. But more important than the company, you want a great system that will help market yourself. Technically, if you have the right knowledge and skills in marketing, particularly online, you can be successful with any company. The key is, to have a duplicatable system, one that the people you sponsor can use to achieve success as well.

There is much debate as to which network marketing companies rank in the top 10. A lot of the times, a persons perspective on a company is based a lot on how much success they've had with that particular company. Obviously, a person who did not have much success with, say for example, the Trump Network, he or she will not likely believe it to be one of the top 10 network marketing companies.

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Believe it or not though, it does not matter which organizations rank in the top 10 network marketing companies. Granted, it helps if it has a great product, a great compensation plan, great education, and a clean track record. But it's not nearly as important as the system you use! One of the most important things I've learned since being in this industry is that you need a great system to use for marketing, and a great company to build your team with.

Many believe it's enough to just go out and join a company that's been around for a long time and as soon as they join, the money will start racking up! Unfortunately, these people learn the hard way that network marketing does not offer a get rich quick scenario. It requires a lot of dedication, research, marketing, promoting, and team building, just like any other business.

I really don't care if those top 10 network marketing companies have the greatest product or pay plan in the world. I ultimately want to know if they're going to educate me. Not just in sales and promoting, but on how to market myself online, how to develop myself a true leader, and how to properly build a team so that everybody in it is successful.

What it comes down to is this: You need a system that will teach you how to market yourself (not your company) and how to use the system to generate prospects. And when you have that system, then you find a company that has the five pillars for success [] and a product that is in a massive uptrend.

What Are The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies?

Just to give you an idea a what some of the the top 10 network marketing companies that are pretty popular in the industry, here's a short list:

1) Vitamark
2) Trump Network
3) Usana
4) Pre Paid Legal
5) Agel
6) Monavie
7) Synergy
8) Avon
9) Herbalife
10) ILearningGlobal

and 1 bonus for you!

11) Amway

But like I said, research a proven system and mentor to educate you on how to be successful with the company you join. Because it really doesn't matter too much what company you join if you have the knowledge and system to build a team.

Online marketing is a HUGE trend for all businesses now. If you are not marketing your business online or maybe you are and are not getting the results you want because you don't know how to do it, then you are missing out on big profits. Fix that. Click on one of the links you've seen on this page and get educated.

The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

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